Thursday, 24 January 2008

Sad News and Decisions

I feel like I'm thinking through fog and walking through mud these last few days. My 79 year old Mum went into hospital almost a week ago, as her mobility had suddenly got worse and she had several visits from the paramedics, as she was slipping off her chair.

We got the news a few days ago that she had had another stroke (she had a mild one 8 years ago). It's made her weak on her left hand side and slightly lopsided, though her speech and mind are fine. She was completely 'with it' when me and my partner Robert saw her last evening, so different from the evening before when she was rather confused.

The hospital are saying she really needs to be in a residential home as does her doctor. She had a couple of weeks stay in our local hospital for physio and rehab a few months ago and they were saying the same, but when she came home she was getting on fine with carers four times a day, who she is fond of.

Mum loves her home and doesn't want to go into a care home, so it's very hard knowing what to do. My dread is that she goes into a care home and improves so much that she needn't have gone into a care home at all.

At the moment I envy Sleeping Beauty. To sleep time away and wake to find everything well again.

There's still house hunting on the go too. Our renting period for the vicarage ends at the end of April and we still haven't found anything to buy. If we end up with Mum's four cats as well as our three, its going to have to be something special!

I'm sure I'll look back on this blog entry in time and wonder what I was fretting about. I really HOPE I do!

To end on a positive note - Nanuk sold and is hopefully now in London, bless his little heart.


Bumpkin Bears said...

Dear Sarah, I'll be thinking of you at this difficult time. But I am glas to hear that your Mum was more 'with it' when you visited her. Cherish these times with her, even if they are difficult. Catherine xx

Sarah said...

Thanks Catherine. It's a tough time, but helps to know you are thinking of me.

Big hugs, Sarah x

Beetle said...

It's so sad when age takes it's toll. I pray that wherever your mum lives she will be happy and content, and you can rest easier knowing it.

Sarah said...

Thanks Babs. I never thought at the age of 36 I'd have a Mum in a residential home.

Mum was very pragmatic when I saw her in the hospital and said "It'll all sort out".

Hugs, Sarah x

Folksie Linda said...

Hi Sarah, Thank you for visiting my blog... i am adding yours to my favorite list. So sorry about your mom...sending loads of hugs to you. I love your blog... your bears are wonderful! It's funny but I have been thinking of Sleeping Beauty too we are on the same wave length!
Hugs, Folksie Linda

Sarah said...

Thanks Linda! Yes, I would love to sleep life away at the moment!

I've added you to my blog favourites too.

Hugs, Sarah x

weechuff said...

I do pray that your mum settles well if she does have to go into residential care, and am sure that you will search high and low to get just the right, caring place for her if it comes to it. But you never know, it may not come to that.
Love Sandie X

Sarah said...

Thanks Sandie. Mum will definitely be going into a res. home, but hopefully only temporarily, as my sister might be having her live with her in Yorkshire! They are just considering converting the garage.

Hugs, Sarah x

All Bear said...

Sarah, I'm so sorry it has taken me until now to find your blog! Now that I'm here, I've been reading through a few posts and am sending hugs your way ... been through this myself with my mother-in-law several years ago and completely. Anyway, hugs to you and yours xxx