Thursday, 23 October 2008

Moving on

Firstly, thank you so very much, to all of you that left a comment on my previous post. It's so very much appreciated. My tears are all dried. I have a photo of her on the mantlepiece so I feel she's still with us.
Anyway, he's a photo I took a few weeks ago of a rather lovely mushroom (actually one of many!) that sprung up in the garden. We were able to absolutely identify it and found it was edible. know how button mushrooms shrink? Well this deflated. Smelt very mushroomy but had a slippery texture. I think I will pass, if anymore spring up.
My life lately is out to work in the morning, back home, cup of tea and out into the garden preparing for some new arrivals. Watch this space! When this preparation is over I'll be concentrating on making the back bedroom/study more a workspace than dumping ground. I really need to get back to making some bears.
Before I head out to the garden wrapped up warm, I'm going to re-design my blog head banner. I see so much lovely eye candy in blogland, I feel mine needs to 'pop' a bit more.
Toodle pip for now.

Hugs, Sarah x


Babs (Beetle) said...

That was very brave of you, to eat that mushroom. We had a whole bunch of orange mushrooms pop up in our garden and they only just withered after weeks!

Rachael Rabbit said...

One of my fathers favorite pastimes is to search for wild mushrooms and then eat them - hopefully identifying them as the edible sort along the way! I think I'll leave my mushroom selection to the supermarket - aren't I awful! Glad yours was edible!

Sarah said...

Babs and Rachael - We thoroughly checked it was edible. It's a birch mushroom which growns near birch trees and considering we have a 50 foot birch, it was a same bet to eat it! We had five other mushroom varieties in the lawn but I didn't risk them!

Hugs, Sarah x

Bumpkin Bears said...

Hi Sarah, we saw some mushrooms like this on our recent trip to the New Forest - rather golden and sparkly I thought. We also saw some amazing red and white toadstools that I'll have to show on my blog soon. Thanks for popping by, take care, Catherine x