Friday, 23 January 2009

Hoppity Hop

I am making another rabbit! Over at Teddy Talk Bubba a previous rabbit has proved popular and I've been itching to make another bunny for a while. I'm terribly distracted though and rather tired. Must stop watching the chickens busying themselves around the garden and get out the sewing machine.

I am sooooooo looking forward to when my workroom/study etc is all done. I'm tired (again!) of looking at boxes and everything in disarray. I need to be able to pack things away and get organized. I like to be organized and tidy. It's hard to be tidy when there's no way of being able to put things away. Well the heating will be done on the 2nd Feb, then there's the ceiling to redo and paint, the floor to strip, the wallpaper to come off and new put on and walls painted, the new boiler to be boxed in........Why did I decide to list it? Sigh. It will be done Sarah, it will be done.....

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The White Bench said...

Hi Sarah!
Take your time, and enjoy your tea from that cuuuute teapot!
Stay warm and cosy,