Saturday, 25 April 2009


Well, I came through the house rewiring just about sane. There's that much dust about, I'm expecting to find some in my navel some time soon.

When every room needs a good clean top to bottom, it's hard to make a start. Pass the jump leads over here please.

The silver linning to the rewiring means we can at least make a start at decorating. Though my mind is on the garden, mostly due to the glorious weather we are having. Did someone press a button to start summer? Though knowing the British weather we could have a hard frost next week and be told to protect our tender perenials. Anyhoo must stay positive. Summer is here (in Spring).

For a far more prettier photo that a room in chaos, here is our Monty.

Right, I'm off for a bite to eat, then some housework. Hmph.
Hugs, Sarah x


Babs-beetle said...

Just think of the end result! It will all be worth it :O)

Monty is so beautiful!

Bumpkin Bears said...

good luck with the cleaning! I love your Monty boy :)
Hugs, Catherine x

Sarah said...

Babs - We've started stripping wallpaper, which is rather cathartic! Monty is a beauty, he's half pedigree, his Mum was the Chinchilla breed.

Catherine - Thanks, I'm getting there!

Hugs, Sarah x

weechuff said...

I am very envious. I love having the place re-decorated. Thankfully, my hubby is always decorating one room or another, and does all his own rewiring and plumbing etc., so that saves lots of money. It will look lovely when it is finished, I am sure. And isn't Monty a handsome pussy cat?