Sunday, 25 April 2010

Blooming Lovely

Isn't it lovely when you buy new bulbs and have the wonderful anticipation of what they will turn out like. We bought these bulbs from a stand at a farmers market/craft fair last year. We only saw the photo on the stand, so couldn't exactly remember what they would look like!

They are so beautiful! I like my tulips in delicate shades and these are the most delicious pink. I wish I'd bought more!

Polo sold on ebay and will be heading off to the United States soon.

We had eight eggs from our eight chickens today! Doesn't happen often that they all lay in the one day, so it's always a treat when they do.

Had a lovely long weekend with my Mum and sister, who were staying with us and a visit from my brother and a visit from my Mum's friends, who haven't seen her for a long while, since she moved to live with my sister in Yorkshire. A hectic weekend, but lovely all the same.

Hope you are all having lovely weather as we are here!

Hugs, Sarah x


Bumpkin Bears said...

what a beautiful tulip Sarah, always lovely to have nice surprises! Havn't your chickens done well!! So glad that Polo found a new home. Hugs, Catherine x

Sarah said...

They are beautiful tulips aren't they?! I think it must be all the sunshine making the chickens lay well! Polo is still travelling. I'm always glad when they are safely there!

Hugs, Sarah x