Thursday, 1 July 2010

Feathered Friends!

Lot's of birdy goings on lately. Here is Dotty on our ladder. I popped her up there and stood watching her, trying to make out what she was thinking. I've decided it was either, 'How did I get up HERE', or 'Wow, look at the view!'. The other hens had a try, but it was Dotty who stayed for a fair while.

Kitty our blue egg layer has gone broody! She's a hybrid and it's very rare for them to go broody. She's decided that she doesn't care about the rules and wants to hatch some eggs NOW. She had a go trying to hatch out our other hens eggs and considering we don't have a cockeral, she'd have been sat on them until the cows came home with no result whatsoever. A friend of a friend had some guinea fowl eggs they wanted to hatch, so that's what she's sat on now. She's fiercely protective of those eggs. I have the wounds to prove it.

Look what my Other Half discovered while cutting our hedge! Blackbird eggs! The parents were none too clever and made the nest perched right on top of the hedge. Obviously they wanted their new babies to have a nice view when they popped out.
So, that's my news!

For those of you in the UK enjoying the hot weather, remember the sunscreen. Burnt to a crisp is not a good look.

Hugs, Sarah x


Bumpkin Hill said...

your Hens are just adorable. Wow do you think those blackbird eggs have been left, should they not have hatched by now? I had a blackbird make a beautiful nest in a shrub by my patio but never laid any eggs, I think it was too public even though I always tip toed past! It's boiling here too. Have a good weekend, Catherine xx

Sarah said...

My other half saw the Mother blackbird on the nest. They can have a second lot of eggs once the first lot have fledged and sometimes the Dad birds can have two families on the go! Bless them!

Hugs, Sarah x

Charlotte said...

Thanks so much for your comments Sarah and you are RIGHT - breathing IS a must!

Love your birdy posts. Dotty is just beautiful - I just want to pick her up and squeeze her! (In a good, huggy kind of way).

Oh I SO want chickens. My miserable other half just keeps saying no. I think it would be lovely and we have plenty enough space. But in his words 'it's a garden, not a farmyard'. Pah.

How are things anyway?

Love Charlotte

Sarah said...

Charlotte - How about some bantam chickens? They are cute little things. Your other half would hardly know they were there!

I've a hankering for three little ones :)

P.s - You have the most gorgeous cooker!

Hugs, Sarah x