Thursday, 5 August 2010

Chick pics!

Here, as promised is the cute little bundle! She will be 3 weeks old next Sunday! Look how much those wings have developed!

I'm saying 'She', as that is what we are hoping for! You would never think something so small could make so much noise! Hardly ever stops cheeping!

It would be really hard to part with something we've had from an egg! If 'She' turns out to be a cockerel, we all know how cockerels love to cock-a-doodle-doo! Me, I wouldn't mind at all, but not too sure what the neighbours would think!

She is an lavender Araucana. Lays lovely blue eggs! Kitty her adoptive Mum, lays blue eggs too, but she is a hybrid, not a pure breed. It's all very technical, so I won't bore you with it!

Fingers crossed, everyone for a hen!

Thank you so very much everyone for your comments regarding my health. I'm ok and slowly feeling better.

Above are the beautiful flowers my sister brought me down and my Get Well cards. Really does warm the cockles of my heart.

Hugs, Sarah x


teddy bears Marin to Venice said...

Good morning Sarah,

thanks for the comment, I have still looked at your blog.... but I cannot read, it misses translator and I don't understand what you write of chick and other beautiful photos. I like a lot your jobs! compliments for creativeness!


Bumpkin Bears said...

So glad you are on the mend, your little chicky is so cute, I will keep fingers and toes crossed that she's a she :) and blue eggs too! I know what you mean about visiting the garden centre, I don't often go knowing I don't have the pennies, but it was so much fun to treat myself as a way of remembering my Mum. HUGS, Catherine x

Technodoll said...

Thank you for visiting my chicken blog because it allowed me to find yours! I'll be back! :-)

ps: gorgeous chick, i love them all :-)

pps: at 3 weeks of age, most (but not all) breeds will have feathered wings, shoulders and backs as well as developed tail feathers for the girls... while cockerels take longer to feather out. It's just a pointer though!

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Oh Sarah - WHAT a gorgeous little thing. I so, so, so want to get some chickens other half is proving resistant.

(He is away this week, thought has crossed mind to just GET SOME) but I'd be in so much trouble!!

Love the window pic, really elegant.