Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Huge Guinea Pig Finished!

Here's the story in pictures!

He was collected last week. The room felt very empty without him! He is a surprise Christmas present for the gentlemans wife. They have a great love of guinea pigs (I have too, I have two!). What an incredibly lovely thoughtful gift.

I hope if you are looking in Ian, you have found somewhere to hide him until the 25th!

There was certainly some trial and tribulation in his creation, but I grew rather attached towards the end. Ian's delight when meeting him made the hard work worthwhile.

If I don't post here before Christmas, may I wish you all

Merry Christmas & A Very, Very Happy New Year!


Heather said...

Absolutely AWESOME. What a lucky wife!

Hollypop said...

absolutely brilliant, i love the way you did the ears and nose. What are the eyes made of?

Technodoll said...

OH my GOSH! that is the cutest (and biggest) stuffed toy I've seen on a couch, evar! LOL!

You are extremely talented and I'm sure your customer was thrilled - thank you for sharing the pics and the process!

Happy Holidays to you and yours :)

Sarah said...

Thank you everyone! It means a lot.

Hollypop, the eyes are made of glass and were rather expensive!

Hugs, Sarah x

diana in kentucky said...

this just made me smile! how awesome. What a great gft. and wonderful work, Sarah!
Diana Welte

Bumpkin Bears said...

oh you are so very clever, what a huge fella!! He is totally precious, how on earth could he find a place to hide him!! There will be one very happy lady on christmas day. Merry Christmas, Catherine xx

MildredM said...

It's Ian wife here - with a HUGE smile on my face :)

Thank you so very much for creating this beautiful, stunning, wondrous creation that is Big . . . hum, we don't have a name for HER yet, we have a few ideas but want to be sure before we reveal all!

We LOVE her and Ian's face, upon carrying her in, was something to remember!

Thank YOU :)

Sarah said...

Oh Anita! I am so very glad you love her, it's made the hard work all worthwhile!

I wish I could have seen Ian's face AND yours!

Hugs, Sarah x

1717 said...

I love all guinea pigs, and your pig is absolutely fabulous!! Best regards :0) Magda

Sarah said...

Thank you Magda!

Hugs, Sarah x

Michele Seraphim said...

This is so hysterical! It turned out fabulous but I can see why he is missed! Hahahahah I love him!

Language Friendly said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, I don't even want to think about the amount of stuffing that went in there. He is brilliant Sarah :)

MildredM said...

Christmas is looking again - hard to think BIG WINNIE has been with us for a year! She has made a LOT of people laugh, and every time I see her, she brings a smile to MY face!

I can't remember if I mentioned a Blog post I did with her. It is here: http://www.fairymagic.me/2010/12/27/high-tea/

All good wishes for a Happy Christmas THIS year!

moniGráfica said...
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moniGráfica said...

Hi there, I think is absolutely awesome and really cool!!
Do you have the pattern, is yours?
I'm interested

Anonymous said...

I realize these are some old blogs but ... WOW ... what a great guinea pig. Any chance i can get the pattern ? Also, i chose to comment as "anonymous" because i dont know how these things work and dont recognize the other options. :-)