Thursday, 8 November 2007

More tea Vicar?

Well after the stresses and strains of trying to find somewhere to rent at very short notice, things turned out just fine. For six months we are renting a vicarage! They are looking for a new vicar and he won't be in place until the spring.

We really are being spoilt here, five bedrooms, huuuuge lounge, dining room, study, kitchen, utility, bathroom, two toilets, big drive................ the cats have one of the bedrooms to themselves at night, the guinea pigs have another, we have one and the other two are storage! It really is a big place! If it wasn't for the fact that it is needed for the village vicar and the need for probably another £100,000 on top of our house budget, we would probably consider buying it!

It's a bit unkept in places and I've been scrubbing, weeding, un-packing, tidying etc, ever since we moved in a week ago. Bears are taking a back seat for a while!

Bubba the bunny found a good home on ebay, which I was really happy about. With Christmas just round the corner, if I can drag myself away from house chores, I might do a Christmas inspired bear!

Well I'm now off to find hedge trimmers to tackle the overgrown front hedge!


tracey said...

hello sarah glad you found some where. we moved in june as you know. the vicarage sounds grand!.
don't work to hard.

tracey martyn and evalyn.

i found this from richard.
evalyn and uncle richard get on very well.(he couldnt do two days of evalyn though)

e-mails us soon

Sarah said...

Hello there!
Great to hear from you! Yes, we are being thoroughly spoilt by the size of this place! It'll be hard to downsize when we find somewhere to buy!
Will most definitely email soon.
Hugs, Sarah x

Sindie said...

Photos please Sarah!!!

Sarah said...

Will try and post photos soon! I'd like to say its a victorian vicarage, but alas its 1970's we think ;)
Hugs, Sarah x

Sindie said...

Alas and alack, not a Victorian vicarage? What a terrible shame.I was imagining little hedgehogs scurrying across the kitchen garden and a robin sat on a garden fork.

Just been on your website Sarah, LOVE Keeper! :0) So cute.

Sarah said...

Sindie, we do have a robin visit, but due to the cold there's never a fork in the earth for him to sit on. Alas. Ho hum.
P.s Keeper went to a luuurvly home.
Hugs Sarah x