Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sneaky Peek!

These are the little tootsies, that are just about completed. It's been a long while since I've made a mini bear. His head is to the right of his feet, but I'm not showing that until he's all finished!
We've had sunshine again today, which is a real treat!
Hugs, Sarah x


Bumpkin Bears said...

oh cuteness and so tiny!! Can't wait to see him all finished. Catherine xx

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Hi Sarah,

Nice to meet you :-)

Awww - just seeing those toes are so cute.

Am not a baby person - more of a toys and bunnies person - so a bear's teeny toes are more likely to make me melt than real ones!!


Sarah said...

Its ok Charlotte, I'm just the same!

Hugs, Sarah x

Charlotte Evans said...

Actually Humphrey is rather fond of cardboard... funny boy! I have to watch my parcels and boxes all the time. Occasionally you'll spot something in the sale on Cottontails because of 'slight damage to box' or something - guess who!!

I love your bunnies by the way.

It is my ambition to learn to make toys this year. Just one would do even! I bought a sewing machine 18 months ago and all I have managed is a few dodgy lavender hearts, lol!

I will add you to my blogs I follow list when I update my blog which I must must must do soon!