Saturday, 6 March 2010

Snippets of Saturday

Is that food you have in your hand?

Line up, line up, left, right, left right.......

Now what was I doing?

Freshly made scones

Signs of Spring!

Yet more signs of Spring!

It's been beautifully sunny here today, in my little corner of the world. I'm full of a head cold and not feeling my best, so banned myself from housework and took a few snaps and made some scones. To top it all, my lovely other half brought home some freshly made doughnuts. The sort you have to stand and wait for and are packed with oil (they're deep fried)but yummy none the less!

Hope you've had sunshine too!

Hugs, Sarah x


Bumpkin Bears said...

we have had sunshine but FREEEEEEzing cold, snow flurries again yesterday! I can sit here looking out and imagine a warm spring day! I love your chickens, is that a veg patch you have clear and ready? Those scones look wonderful, I must make some, can't buy them here, anyway home made would be nicer :) I hope you are feeling better. Hugs, Catherine x

Sarah said...

Yes Catherine, thats our veg patch! The chickens are only allowed on it once the veg are gone , or there'd be no veg left! The scones didn't rise as much as I'd have liked :( The second lot I made, I accidentally put took much salt in. I blame my head cold, which is a little better thanks.

Hugs, Sarah x

Anonymous said...

I have hens very much like your red ones.They have been enjoying playing in the garden as well :)
Lovely blog,I will come visit again soon!