Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Tough Times

No bears or bunnies to show yet. I have one bunny who is himself completed, I'm just working on his carrots!

Its been hard to concentrate of late. We are having a tussle with social services and the hospital my Mum is currently in, as to what will be the next step when she comes out of hospital. We strongly believe she should be at home with her cats, while they feel she should be in a residential home. Apparently it seems to them that having carers in five times a day, plus district nurses twice, my Robert twice to feed the cats, plus me doing the cleaning and washing, isn't as good as being in a residential home, where I know for sure she'd be thoroughly miserable.

Anyway enough of the bureaucracy and red tape talk (nice to have a little 'vent' though!).

Well I shall absorb myself in carrots for the best part of this afternoon!

Bye for now


weechuff said...

Oh dear! I personally feel it would be better for your mum if she was in her own home. They can't make you put her into residential care. I owned and ran a retirement home for twenty years, and it was a very nice, caring home, but, if it is at all possible,there is no substitute for your own surroundings.

Sindie said...

Yes Sarah, as well as we cared for our residents (and we really, really did) we saw the heartbreak when they first came into the home. To give up everything you know and love and move into a shared room with nothing more than a suitcase full of belongings is very difficlt. You fight to keep your mum at home for as long as you can. It's not their decision, it's yours. When one day she does have to go into a home, you need feel no guilt as you will have done all you can to keep her at home for as long as possible. X X X

Sarah said...

Bless your hearts! You've made me feel so much better. Its really been a tough time. I got to sleep at four o'clock this morning after chewing things over in my head. Mums coming out next Monday, so fingers crossed everything goes well.
Your kind words are very much appreciated and such a tonic.
Big hugs, Sarah x

Beetle said...

Oh dear such an awful time for you. If you know what you would want if it was for yourself, then that is probably what your mum would want.

Bumpkin Bears said...

Sarah, I do so hope that your Mum is able to stay in the best place for her and her health recovers. Love your new bunny rabbit too. x