Friday, 11 April 2008


It never ceases to amaze me how I can have bears sat waiting for homes and never think to photograph them together. A lightbulb came on in my head yesterday and I toddled outside to take the above photo. Is it just me, or does Pickle (right) look a bit apprehensive of the camera?
Things are going smoothly with our purchase of our next home. I've not been able to buy anything 'housey' for about two years, what with the sale of our last home and renting where we are now. I've been excitedly looking at sofas, kitchens etc and worn myself out so much, that I can't think anymore! I won't say anymore in case I jinx things!
I'm now off to do some display labels for one of the local museums. Exciting? (not).


Leanne said...

Sooo cute!! You make such beautiful bears! Good luck with your move! :)

Sarah said...

Hi Leanne! Thanks for stopping by and thanks too for your comment! Your illustrations are truly beautiful.

Hugs, Sarah x

All Bear said...

The bears look lovely together Sarah!

Shopping for your new home will be such fun ... I hope everything comes together perfectly for you very soon.

wendster said...

Great idea to photo them together. Pickle looks a little nervous about the friend next to him ... like ... is he going to just .... nudge me and make me tip?
Good luck with the house!


Folksie Linda said...

Oh Sarah your bears are beautiful and they look so nice sitting there next to each other..simply grand! What a great bear maker you are! Hugs, Linda

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone!

Everythings still going ok with buying our nexr house. Fingers crossed!

Hugs, Sarah x