Wednesday, 30 April 2008

I Miss You

Sadly, Tilly, the guinea pig I mentioned in my previous post, died on Sunday. She wouldn't eat earlier, so I kind of expected it, but it still knocks you sideways.

Lotty we still have, but she's all we have. Although she seems happy, it breaks my heart to see her all alone in the big cage we'd only bought a few months ago. Plus, we have two big runs we made not long ago. I've been looking online at guinea pig and animal rescues, but some are too far away and they all mostly seem to be boys. We've had boy piggies before and loved them, but it would mean waiting until he was 'seen to' to put him in with Lotty. I'd prefer to get an older rescue guinea (or two) as we were planning, after 15 years of having guineas to no longer have any, but with Tilly leaving us sooner than expected (she was 3 1/2) it's left me scratching my head.

If anyone knows of anyone in the Cambridgeshire or Norfolk area that has an older piggy (or two) needing a home, drop me an email or include it in your comment.
Lotty is in the video with Tilly when she was just a few weeks old. Turn up your speakers to hear Tilly 'chatting' away.

I miss you Tilly.



Rachael Rabbit said...

Wood Green usually have some little piggies that are looking for a new home I am SO sorry for your loss. Tilly was a very beautiful piggie x

Sarah said...

Thanks Rachael. Yes she was beautiful, bless her.

I've been looking high and low at rescue centres online. Theres a place nearish to me, but they have nothing available at the moment.

I've had a look at Woodgreen, but its a fair bit away from me, but I can always ask!

Hugs, Sarah x

Lux said...

Aww, I'm so sorry to hear about Tilly ...

Babs (Beetle) said...

That is so sad. I had two guinea pigs some years ago. When they both died, I decided not to replace them. My living conditions were really not right for them at the time.