Friday, 25 April 2008

New Bear!

I have at last got around to finishing this little chap! What with house buying and trying to empty Mum's house, it's been hard trying to concentrate of late. Plus, two, slightly three, of the cats have colds. Alfie is picking up after feeling very sorry for himself. Lily is as cheerful as ever, but not fending hers off so well with her being 15. Harvey has been quiet today, but so far no sneezes. It's not nice being sneezed on by cats. They don't have our good manners to cover their noses. Also, one of our two guinea pigs is off colour. Piggies go downhill so quickly. Something else to add to the worry pile!

Anyway, hope you like the new little man. He's yet to be named!

Have a good weekend when it arrives. We are off to a friend's 94th birthday meal Sunday! Yum!



Lux said...

What a beautiful little bear!

Folksie Linda said...

He's beautiful Sarah, you did a fantastic job on him!! Very well done! He is so sweet! Hope all is good with you... i had the bug last week but doing better now and trying to catch up with everything..geez..there never is enough time in a day, ay? Hugs, Linda

Bumpkin Bears said...

Sarah, he's just lovely. So sorry your cats and guinea pigs are under the weather, I do hope they will all be ok , Catherine x

wendster said...

I just love that easy going look on his face!!! Like he's inviting everyone to have a drink of honey with him and life is good.

Too cute!

I love it!


Babs (Beetle) said...

He's got such a cute expression! Sorry to hear your cats and the guinea pig are poorly. Hope they all get better soon.

I used to have guinea pigs, and they do go down very quickly don't they?

Babs and the cats X

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone! He's still un-named bless him. The old brain isn't up tp speed lately.

I truly appreciate all your comments.

Hugs, Sarah x