Thursday 21 February 2008

Ear, ear

Our Alfie goes into the vets tomorrow to have his Aural Haematoma deflated. In laymans terms he is going to have a large blood clot drained (icky). Pardon me if you are eating. Apparently, a blood vessel ruptures. Pardon me again if you are eating.

He's thoroughly fed up now. His ear is heavy and is sticking out at a right angle, rather than upright. It kind of looks like I've been using a bicycle pump on it. In the first photo, he just looks perplexed, but his left ear, as you look at it, should look like the one on the right. It's much lower down now than the photo shows. He even hates me breathing near it. I shall do a lot of staring out of windows tomorrow (Friday), waiting for his return when his daddy (oops, sorry, Robert) brings him home.

Lots of extra love and treats I see on the cards..............

Thursday 7 February 2008

As yet un-named

Unbelieveably, though my head is like mush, I've managed to create this little chap 'As yet un-named'. Does the mood of the artist reflect in their bears? He has turned out to be such a sad little man. You just want to hug him all up and tell him it'll all be ok!

I'm slightly re-designing his pattern for the next bear, which is going to be created from the most wonderfully soft, 'don't want to put it down' plush. The pile goes this way and that, which will need some careful planning as to where I place the head pattern.

Mum news!

My Mum goes into her residential home today (gulp). There's just so much to sort out, its almost hard to breathe at times. Hopefully her stay there will only be temporary, as my sister is getting a quote for a garge conversion with a view to having her live with her. I so admire her and my brother-in-law for that. I would of course miss Mum very much, but would feel she is in safe hands and around family. Is my Mum going to turn into a 'Yorkshire lass' at 79? Hmmmm, we'll see.

Right.......I'm now off to try and focus on the next bear and stroke the lovely plush. Sigh.