Thursday 27 August 2009

Darling Ducks and Absence

Feels like I've been 'gone' forever!

Well.................what with work on the house and looking after the animals and working, I've become very neglectant with my blog and also bearmaking. The bearmaking has ceased due to the fact that the room for my bearmaking isn't finished yet. By the time I've got home from my other job in the afternoon and got all the house chores done, seen to the animals, put on the washing machine etc, etc, there doesn't seem to be time for much else! Hopefully that will change.

We had a lovely weekend a couple of weeks ago at my sisters. I haven't visited for about a year and it was my other halfs first long journey driving (2 hours 15 mins). I thought the journey would seem to last forever, but the time soon went. I was really chuffed we managed to make it there and back without getting lost! It was lovely to see my elderly Mum who now lives with my sister. There were lots of tears when we left, mostly from me! It was so nice to be in my sisters lovely home, all beautifully decorated and tidy. Unlike ours, which still has boxes here and there and the mess left from rewiring the house!
While there my other half Robert took some snaps of my nieces call ducks. So cute! The second two photos are the 'babies' just a few months old! I was expecting them to be fluffy ducklings. Boy, do poultry grow quick! Their names are Parsley and Pepsi the babies, and left to right at the top, Phoebe, Philly and Puddles (Mallard drake!). Puddles was found wandering alone down the road as a duckling and my niece brought him home and of course he had to have some 'friends' didn't he!

Chicken news! We are getting three more hens Sunday! So we will then have eight! Will post pictures when they are settled in their new home!

Anyway, I sit here waiting for the electricians to arrive to correct a mistake they made. Grrr. Twice they have meant to arrive and didn't, hopefully its third time lucky. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Hugs, Sarah x

Tuesday 4 August 2009

Last Round!

Well I find out on the 10th August if I have made it through to the last round of the Bears and Buds Competition. If Bubba appears on the site, I have either won, 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. There's another round of voting to decide which I these I may have won! The last round of voting starts on the 10th August and carries on until the 10th September.

Thanks to anyone who voted! I really do appreciate it. Feel free to vote again for Bubba in the last round!

We are still busy with our house. Will be nice to have a workspace again, so I can get back to bearmaking! The chickens are keeping me busy though!

Hugs, Sarah x