Monday 23 February 2009

Sunshine and Sore Throats

We've had a lovely few days of sunshine here. Really uplifting for the soul.

I'm full of a head cold as I type. Icky. My head feels like it's in a vice, feels hot and my eyes feel like marbles. You get the idea. It took me a while to text my sister the other day, I think my brain has turned into candyfloss.

Although feeling out of sorts Saturday, I dragged on my coat and popped outside to take a photo of our snowdrops and crocus basking in the sunshine. The snowdrops are at the bottom of our silver birch tree and the crocus are at the bottom of our ornamental cherry tree. They have evaded the chickens scratting around in the earth. That's the downside to chicken keeping. They devoured the primroses, so much so that you can't even see they were there. We are planning to buy a greenhouse to bring on seedlings. I did enjoy sprinkling poppy seeds around I must admit. They would never see the light of day though with the chickens raking through the soil!

Well I'm now off to see what my befuddled brain can handle............

Hugs, Sarah x

Monday 16 February 2009


My big sister went to Nuremburg in Germany for a long weekend this weekend just gone. One of my nieces has been living and working there for a while so my brother-in-law and sister went to see her. She's there with her boyfriend and then in a weeks time they will be going to stay in his homeland of Australia for two months. Young, in love and travelling. Ahhhhhh.

Mum, who now lives with my sister, had three days with us as she needs looking after and I think she enjoyed her stay. I'm posting some of the lovely photos my sister took on her mini break.

This is a church doorway, which MUST be clicked on to see all the wonderful stone carving! It's amazing. I'd have needed a chair to sit on to take my time taking it all in.

This is the very adorable hotel they stayed in. I must also say that they went to a place that has a 'cocktail happy hour'! They got all the cocktails in in one go to make good use of the hour! Yummy!
I'm glad they had such a lovely time and also glad that I got to see the photos. A very good second best to seeing everything first hand.

Lastly thanks to all who commented on my 'Snow Queens' post. My girlies seem popular! They say 'Hi' to you all or maybe it's 'Bock, bock, cluck, bock, cluck'.

Hugs, Sarah x

Monday 2 February 2009

Snow Queens

The chickens braced themselves and went out in the snow for the first time today. Instead of heading for the lawn at full speed as they usually do, they stopped short of the lawn and stayed on the patio at the far end of the garden. They then decided they'd follow me up the PATH and stay well away from the white stuff.

Lettuce (2nd picture) braved the snow tentatively and for some reason known only to her, did a bit of moonwalking. I guess she thought she could walk away from it. Dotty (one of the brown hens) thought 'well if its ok for her, its ok for me' and very slowly lifted one foot and placed it in the snow. Then, because Lettuce's moonwalking had un-earthed some green grass, they all stood around pecking the small patch they could see. Sybil thought the white stuff completely perplexing and looked around for something else to do.

In the end they thought they would concentrate on the biggest expanse of green they could see and set about devouring the privet hedge.

Today, the highlight of the chickens day has been snow. Tomorrow? Maybe more snow.......and a bit more hedge.

Hugs, Sarah x