Monday 26 December 2011

Seasons Greetings

A little late in the day but...........Seasons Greetings from me!

I've been a bit absent from blogger as I tend to get a bit absorbed by Christmas. I've never been very good at juggling things and tend to be able to focus only on one thing at a time!

I thought the delightful victorian picture of the birds above was rather apt, as we have blue tits and long tailed tits in our garden. Along with territorial blackbirds, a lone robin, ring necked doves and waddling wood pigeons.

I shall be giving a lot of thought to my bear making and soft sculpture in the new year and giving my website another make over and developing some new designs. The elephant I've been making is completed and sits patiently on my desk waiting for his collar! I'm rather pleased with the way he has turned out.

Well, enjoy your festive breaks everyone and the biggest of thanks to those of you that have given a home to my bears or rabbits and thanks also to those of you who pop by and read my rabblings.

Hearty holiday hugs,

Sarah x