Tuesday 27 July 2010

Pleased to be home!

My partner Robert had to make a 999 call for me Friday. Scary times! BUT the silver lining is that an operation I was needing to have was brought forward maybe 6 weeks or more. I must say that all the nurses and doctors were lovely and the wards were cleaned every day - vacuumed, mopped, tables cleaned.

As Dorothy said 'theres no place like home'! I woke up this morning in my own bed thinking it had all been a dream! Then I worried that I was dreaming I was back home! I lay in bed in semi darkness studying the room to make sure I wasn't waking up at any moment!

Anyway, without going into all the gory details that the operation entailed, I'm doing ok. Still slightly woozy and on painkillers and TRYING not to overdo it. Although there isn't a lot I can do at the moment!

I will post news of our adorable little chick at some point!

Hugs, Sarah x

Monday 12 July 2010

Thursday 1 July 2010

Feathered Friends!

Lot's of birdy goings on lately. Here is Dotty on our ladder. I popped her up there and stood watching her, trying to make out what she was thinking. I've decided it was either, 'How did I get up HERE', or 'Wow, look at the view!'. The other hens had a try, but it was Dotty who stayed for a fair while.

Kitty our blue egg layer has gone broody! She's a hybrid and it's very rare for them to go broody. She's decided that she doesn't care about the rules and wants to hatch some eggs NOW. She had a go trying to hatch out our other hens eggs and considering we don't have a cockeral, she'd have been sat on them until the cows came home with no result whatsoever. A friend of a friend had some guinea fowl eggs they wanted to hatch, so that's what she's sat on now. She's fiercely protective of those eggs. I have the wounds to prove it.

Look what my Other Half discovered while cutting our hedge! Blackbird eggs! The parents were none too clever and made the nest perched right on top of the hedge. Obviously they wanted their new babies to have a nice view when they popped out.
So, that's my news!

For those of you in the UK enjoying the hot weather, remember the sunscreen. Burnt to a crisp is not a good look.

Hugs, Sarah x