Tuesday 24 January 2012

Second time lucky

Hopefully these lovely bears will find a home second time around.

They are on ebay until the 26th Jan and are available to all countries.

They seem to have more 'watchers' this time around, so fingers crossed for them!

All there details are on their individual ebay listings HERE.

If anyone knows who made the lovely little needlefelted bear at the bottom of the photo I would love to know. He came to me with no details and I would like to credit the artist. Thank you!

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Reluctant sale

I have three lovely bears from my own collection available on ebay HERE

It's a reluctant sale and I would love them to go to a home where they can be displayed and loved.

The first two bears are Lediteds by the talented Leny van der Eijk. I just love the first bears paper hat and his dungarees! The girl bear wears a fabulous dress. I am not sure if this is a vintage doll dress, but to my eye it looks to be. Unfortunately these two bears come with no hang tags.

The third bear is a A.S. Baeren bear 'Lewis', a sweetheart in baby blue alpaca from talented artist Anika Stalzenberger. Lewis comes with his hang tag as shown in the photo. I would like to point out that in the photo Lewis is perched on a fire grate, which is non working and painted!

I've started all these lovelies at the low price of £40.00.

I shall be having a rummage through my mohair and may possibly be putting some on ebay, if I can bear to part with it!

I will keep you updated!

Hugs, Sarah x