Tuesday 24 January 2012

Second time lucky

Hopefully these lovely bears will find a home second time around.

They are on ebay until the 26th Jan and are available to all countries.

They seem to have more 'watchers' this time around, so fingers crossed for them!

All there details are on their individual ebay listings HERE.

If anyone knows who made the lovely little needlefelted bear at the bottom of the photo I would love to know. He came to me with no details and I would like to credit the artist. Thank you!


Bumpkin Hill said...

I do hope they find a good home. Hope you are well, any snow over there? Hugs, Catherine x

Sarah said...

Hi Catherine! Thanks for stopping by.

The little blue bear Lewis found a home first time around! The others are still with me, unless I get private offers.

Snow is predicted! It's certainly cold enough.

I'm well, hope you are too.

Hugs, Sarah x

Charlotte said...

Hi Sarah,

Ah, so, the ducks... NOPE, they are definitely all male. So we now have three fully grown man ducks eating us out of house and home :) I love them!

BUT next door's hen has laid two clutches of eggs in our garden, so we have some fresh eggs for the moment. Not sure what the ethics are and if we ought to take them round to the neighbours really, but then again their chickens spend most of the day in our garden, digging up my veg patch - not to mention the enormous poops the huge cockerel leaves on the patio!!

Hope all is well with you?

I have started sewing again, have nearly finished my first runner duck. Lofty ambitions of creating things to sell but am a long way from your standard!!