Thursday 25 October 2007

Room at the Inn?

Feeling a bit like Mary and Joseph at the moment, although I'm not 'with child' and I shan't be riding a donkey.

With the buyers of our house being late in getting their documents back, we are left with nowhere to go when we move next Wednesday 31st. We are planning to rent, but with the time left we probably will have a few days with nowhere to rest our weary heads.

If it was just us we could easily stay in a B&B and store our belongings for the few days, but three cats and two guinea pigs, I don't think so!

Oddly, I'm not as stressed as I thought I would be. Maybe I've become slightly catatonic?

Well, we have our health and we won't be sleeping under cardboard boxes, whatever the outcome. Well, this too shall come to pass and Que sera sera.

Hugs x

Monday 22 October 2007

Bubba on Ebay

Bubba went on yesterday evening. Thats UK time! I have a great problem working out the different time zones! His listing link is below. Fingers crossed for him!

I won't be putting any bears on ebay for a while, as we are hopefully moving at the end of the month and I don't want to cause confusion with the change of address. Our address will be changing again in six months time after this move and hopefully I can get everything sorted out in my head!
Will post with more news soon. x

Friday 19 October 2007

.........and breathe

Well, where do I begin?

Sorting Mum out with a new care agency (won't scare you with the one she has at the moment! Grrrr), sorting Mum out full stop, packing for our move at the end of this month (Eeek!), looking for a rental property for 6 months, searching for parts for our little car and so on.

On a plus note.... Bubba will be going on Sunday (fingers crossed). I've just finished his page for the listing. It's been such a stressful time lately, now that it's easing slightly, I'm worried I've forgotten something! Typical me. I will post a link to his listing when he goes on. It's been a long while since I've appeared on ebay and though I'm thoroughly pleased with how the little chap has turned out, it's hard to tell how he will be received. Keep all your digits crossed for me!

Sending hugs and needing hugs..........and breathe

Wednesday 10 October 2007

Bunny Brightener

Sneaky peaky of Bubba my latest bunny!

I will hopefully be putting him on at the weekend. I always have great fun making the carrots! The thought of putting him on ebay is slightly scary as along with Shelli of Potbelly Bears I haven't put any rabbits or bears on there for a looooong time. Although there is a lot of trepidation, it's also nice to see what will happen. Keep your fingers and any other available digits crossed for me and watch this space!

On another note - Mum is coming out of hospital on Monday (15th), fingers crossed for her too, that she gets on ok. I have fears I will wake up looking like Gandalf one of these mornings, from the stress of it all. Hopefully I wouldn't have the beard though. Veet anyone?

Hugs x

Tuesday 9 October 2007

Tough Times

No bears or bunnies to show yet. I have one bunny who is himself completed, I'm just working on his carrots!

Its been hard to concentrate of late. We are having a tussle with social services and the hospital my Mum is currently in, as to what will be the next step when she comes out of hospital. We strongly believe she should be at home with her cats, while they feel she should be in a residential home. Apparently it seems to them that having carers in five times a day, plus district nurses twice, my Robert twice to feed the cats, plus me doing the cleaning and washing, isn't as good as being in a residential home, where I know for sure she'd be thoroughly miserable.

Anyway enough of the bureaucracy and red tape talk (nice to have a little 'vent' though!).

Well I shall absorb myself in carrots for the best part of this afternoon!

Bye for now