Friday 9 May 2008

Hello Hattie

I liberated little 10 week old Hattie from cramped and stark conditions in a pet shop over a week ago now. She is the new friend to Lottie after the sad loss of our Tilly (see previous post). Lottie is quite taken with her. I put her back in the hutch with her after trying to get her used to being handled and Lottie dashed up to her and started gently nibbling her ear.

I was watching Hattie having the time of her life, dashing in and out of the tubes and arches in their run at high speed (with a little jump in the air for good measure!) yesterday evening and felt my heart sink thinking of the guinea pigs I left behind in the pet shop. I hope they all (about 6) find a good home soon.

Fran is off to the USA! Hello Lori, if you are reading this!

We complete on our 'new' house on the 23rd of this month! After nearly 7 months renting the Vicarage it is time to start packing. Where did the 7 months go?