Thursday 6 March 2008

What else?

As well as being a teddy bear artist, I also paint murals for our local museum.

This one is of a woad mill. I love the blue against the white wall, reminds me of delft tiles. When the exhibition is over it will be painted out in white emulsion :0( At least I have photos to look back at!


Bumpkin Hill said...

wow Sarah, this is fabulous - you are very talented. I love drawing too. What a shame they will paint over all your hard work. But I'm sure many people will get a lot of pleasure looking at it in the meantime :) Hugz Catherine x

Sarah said...

Thanks Catherine! Its such a shame it'll be painted over. I'm glad it's not me eradicating it, I don't think I could!

Hugs, Sarah x

Wendster said...

Hi, Sarah!
Nice to meet you. I found you today through catherder's blog.
Cute bears, and I love that you mural. I also love to mural. I should post more photos of my murals in my house. I've only done a few, but want to do more.
Feel free to visit my blog in sunny Southern California.
I will be back!

All Bear by Paula said...

Wow Sarah! What wonderful hidden talent you have!

Sarah said...

Thanks Paula! I like to dabble in a mural now and again when needed!

Hugs, Sarah x

Babs (Beetle) said...

That's a lovely mural. How could anyone paint over that? All your hard work and talent, wiped out :O(

I have often wished I had some reference to paintings I did as commission. Sadly I haven't. All before the digital world we live in now.

Babs (Beetle) said...

P.S. How's Alfie doing?