Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A Tiring House Move

Sooooooo tired

Weeeeeell I'm back! Miss me? ; )

We moved to our new home on the 23rd May and I'm still rather shattered from it. Plus I started a little part time job in the morning which gets me out of the house and brings a few more pennies in. It's a 20 minute walk there and then 20 back and probably a few miles walking in my job, so eveything aches and my feet are stiff in the morning. My feet actually make snapping and cracking noises first thing in the morning. Did I mention I'm still 'only' 37? I think I shall be like the Bionic Woman when I am a little old lady. New hips, kneecaps etc.

This house caught us by surprise. We were adamant we were going to live in a village and we've ended up on the edge of the town we originally lived in. BUT, if we walk 100 yards up the road we are in a village. The clincher for us was the tree lined avenue and the 203 feet by 35 feet garden we have! Plus all the houses original 1928 features. We have a lime tree outside our house at the front and if I opened our bedroom window I could hold it's leaves! We have two mountain ash trees in the garden, a silver birch, a cherry and a laburnum. The silver birch is taller than the house and the others aren't far off. I adore them all, despite the leaves we will have in the autumn!

We have squirrels too, that visit regularly. Sometimes three at a time, in a group, foraging for the peanuts they're hidden in our lawn!

The cats settled in pretty quickly. Hopefully when we have the rest of Mum's cats (3) they will too. Although there will be the introductions to ours to deal with too! We will certainly have to re-do the conservatory in the future, with 7 cats there'd be no room for 'people' furniture!

I'm itching to get bearmaking again on full throttle. It's a case of finding everything first!

Toodle pip for now! It's nice to be back.


Lux said...

That sounds like a wonderful house! Glad your move's all done!

Sarah said...

I'm glad too! I love your new harness! Alfie shouts his head off if he goes in the garden with his on!

Hugs, Sarah x

Babs (Beetle) said...

The house sounds fantastic!

Regarding the joints.....I was exactly the same at a young age and still have all my original joints - just ;O)

I have subscribed to your feed because I keep forgetting to visit!

Bumpkin Hill said...

Sarah, glad to hear your move has gone well, your garden sounds wonderful. You'll have to take some snaps of those trees, I just love trees :) Catherine x

Sarah said...

Catherine, I love trees too! I'm really glad to have them in my garden.

Babs, I've got a bad back at the moment! It's never ending lately!

Hugs, Sarah x

Folksie Linda said...

take your time and unpack..don't tire yourself out..a day at a time...the new home sounds absolutely wonderful and i wish you all the luck in the world there and all the happiness too!

Wendster said...

I am looking forward to seeing photos of the new home once you get all settled in. Sounds WONDERFUL. What a fabulous garden you will be able to have too. Awesome!

And so close to the village.

Isn't it great getting older? How are your shoes? Do you need better ones? I heard from my aerobics teacher (back a century ago when I took aerobics) that you need to replace your shoes at about three month intervals if they are exercise shoes ... and walking IS exercise. Wonder if that would help.

Maybe you'll just get used to it after a while? 20 minutes each way used to "kill" me when I first started walking Tristan to school. Took me an hour to recover after each direction! LOL. But it got easier as it went along.