Saturday 20 February 2010

Looking Back

So many times I take photos and forget to post them here! You can see from the sunshine in these that it is most definitely not this time of year! These were taken at one of our favourite local places to visit 'Elgoods Brewery Gardens'. The first one is of a little bridge that goes over a little waterfall that feeds into the small lake to the right of it.

This is one of my favourite trees there. It's absolutely beautiful. Can you tell I love trees?!

This is the weeping willow hanging over the bridge and also trailing into the water. The tree was much denser, but we had really high winds and it vastly reduced it.

Not sure what kind of tree this is. Possibly some kind of fir.

This white lily was almost directly in front of us, bobbing in the sunshine as we sat on the bench overlooking the lake.

Here's my Robert! Underneath the laburnum trailing the arch.

It's hard to believe we will have heat and sunshine like this again! I remember sitting on the bench with my scalp slowing cooking. Roberts hair isn't as lush as it used to be so I think he was slowly cooking at a higher temperature. He'll love me for saying that.

I'm still working on my website. I'm at the point now when I will be very glad when it is done. So of course, what have I been doing rather than work on it? Visiting blogs of course!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Hugs, Sarah x


Bumpkin Hill said...

Hi Sarah, i love trees too, so lovely to see Sunny photos! Glad you enjoyed my Hugglets photos, the photo was from the silly bears stand (the shop in Scotland- I fell for the big bear too, he is by sharon Barren, in the US. We went with the car, using the tom tom to help us find out way, the traffic was actually ok on a Sunday morning, no congestion charge and we parked right under the venue which was only 4 pounds for a full day. It was easier than I thought it would be, so tell your hubby ;)
I hope you're well, Hugs, Catherine x

Sarah said...

Thanks so much Catherine! I shall pass on the travel info to my other half! Maybe I will get there one day!

Hugs, Sarah x

Monica said...

Oh I was about to comment about that sunny day... but Catherine's comment caught my attention- I want to go there too!!!!!! Glad to know it's very easy to find parking (this is the most important thing, after all!)... I might find my way to Hugglets sooner or later too ;)) I wish I could see tons and tons of bears in person... WOW!
Hugs, and enjoy the sunny days!
P.S I noticed you live in Cambridgeshire, it must be wondrous.