Wednesday 13 October 2010

Fudge still available

Fudge the bunny (post below) sadly went unsold. If you were interested in adopting him, all is not lost. I have happy to let him be adopted for his £75 ebay price, also with the free postage and packaging. Just drop me an email at

Chilly here today. Here I sit with a jumper and cardigan on. It's not a good look, but it's only me and the cats here, so never mind!

Robert and me have been grafting away outdoors extending the chickens covered run. I was out yesterday evening, while Robert was working late, until it was almost dark. Tiring work, but hopefully the chickens will appreciate it!

I've been itching lately to go back to my first love! Drawing, painting and sketching! I've also got a wonderful book on making ribbon flowers, which I've been meaning to have a go at. I might join Etsy!

Anyway, time is ticking away! More news soon.

Hugs, Sarah x


Technodoll said...

I hope Fudge finds a good home soon, he's too precious!

Lucky chickens - are you all set up for the winter?

-your chicken friend across the sea!

Яна-Яночка said...

мне очень нравится