Wednesday 8 August 2007


Here's Cottontail that was my entry for Teddy Bear Scene's 'Reader's Choice Awards 2007'. I doubt I have been nominated as Paula Carter of 'All Bear' has announced on her Blog that she is a nominee in the 'Bare Bears' category (well done Paula!). Cottontail was my entry for the 'Furry Friends' category and as I haven't heard anything and the magazine is out tomorrow publicising the nominees, I think I must have missed out this time. There's always next year!
Well I'm now off to get a coffee! Just finished another bear, so great time to get the kettle boiling.
Toodle pip, for now!


All Bear by Paula said...

Gorgeous bunny ... what a lovely face!

Sarah said...

Thanks Paula! I've got a rabbit thing going on at the moment! My partner said I'll turn into Bugs Bunny (charming).
Hugs, Sarah x