Tuesday 28 August 2007

Sneaky Peak

Thought I would let you have a peak of my latest bear that will be going with me to my next fair 'Totally Teddies' in Loughborough on the 9th September.

Really pleased with how he has turned out. It was my first time with plush. Its very soft and silky and so different to mohair! It's always nice to be able to use something different for a change. At first I thought 'not keen on plush', then when I saw how he had turned out I thought I might give it another go, which is what I am doing now!

It's also my first time doing a sculpted nose. I started to do my usual stitched nose and just couldn't get it right, so had a go with clay! I didn't want anything too fussy and I feel it works well with him.

Well........must get back to the next bear, which I am just about to cut out. Going to head to my Mums re-rehabilitation flat to do some of the sewing. She's in there getting physio after a very long stay in hospital. To say its been a worrying, stressful time is an understatement! Fingers crossed she improves.

Will hopefully post more news soon. It's been 'Mostly Mum' lately.

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