Tuesday 5 August 2008

Pickle Post

Well previously I had a Pigeon Post, so I had to have a Pickle Post didn't I?!

Above on the right, is Pickle, who will be travelling to his new home this week. On the left is Forest, who will hopefully be going on ebay.com this coming Sunday. I hope to get Forest's listing page designed this week. It's been a while since I did a layout or listed on ebay, so hopefully I can get into the swing of things again. If not, it'll be the following Sunday ;) Hopefully.

Our conservatory has turned out to be a great place to photograph bears! Must be all the light. Outside in good fine weather, the light is great, but when it's raining or overcast it's not so great!

It's nice to be posting something beary! I still haven't got organized to start sewing again. I think I will have to get set up in the dining room temporarily until the study is redecorated. It will be so nice to be getting things out of boxes! Joy! Sewing materials and such, right at hand! Sigh.

Anyway, I'd better make a start at the layout for Forest.

Hugs, Sarah x


Babs (Beetle) said...

They are beautiful bears! It's a shame Sindie stopped making them. She made some lovely bears too :O)

Bumpkin Hill said...

good luck on ebay, I know it can be quite something to do all the layout, gorgeous bears :) catherine x

Wendster said...

Ahhh the challenges of e bay. But worth it in the end, I hope!

Glad to see that you are back to your bear making. Sure order will be restored to the new home bit by bit. Just take your time, like a previous commenter said. You'll get it all done one little chunk at a time. No worries!