Saturday 20 December 2008

This and That

Christmas day will soon be upon us! Wheeeeee! Now I just have a few more presents to wrap I'm looking forward to it. Christmas always gives me a feeling of hope and new beginnings. Plus everything is twinkly and pretty!

We had a bit of stress with the chicknes the last few days. I was watching them tuck into their afternoon treats when I noticed a fairly big bloody patch on Sybil (our white hen). I actually took a sharp audible intake of breath when I saw it. I thought people only did that in films! To cut a long story short, Lettuce had plucked out several of Sybils feathers. Ouchie. I just wanted to scoop her up and bring her into the house. Obviously that wasn't practical, so I set her up her own space inside the shed right next to their coop, to let her heal (chickens can get to like the taste of blood!). The next day I checked on her to find a scene that looked like a massacre. It looked like her area had been burgled and there were spots of blood here and there! She had gone crazy in the night not being able to be with the other girls, trashed the place and injured her comb, which was bleeding. So I cleaned her up and put her back in with the others. I'd hung a cabbage in the run to distract Lettuce and they all loved it! What was the first thing Sybil did, when her legs hit the run floor? She shot off into the nest box and laid an egg. She'd hated her 'sick room' so much she'd refused to lay her egg there.

Beary news! I have actually finished a bear! Just have some beading to add to his collar and he's all done. Will post pictures when I get time and the right lighting.

Festive hugs, Sarah x

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Babs (Beetle) said...

Poor Sybil! Wicked mummy!

Your tree looks lovely! I love Christmas too :O)

Hope you have a lovely one!