Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Year, New Bear

Happy New Year! Where did Christmas go and can I have it back please? Did it actually happen?

As usual I am missing Christmas. I have a little momento of the front of the Radio Times stuck on my noticeboard with Wallace and Gromit staring back at me! I'm hoping a little of Nick Park's creative genius will rub off on me!

At long last I have managed to post a photo of my new bear, aptly called 'Winter' (brrrrrr). He's available for adoption and I'm hoping to add him to my website after leaving Blogland and going to Dreamweaver land. White bears are notoriously hard to photograph as are black bears. I would love to be all set up with a mini photo studio, but alas, I have to wait for good light levels outside.

This year we will be busy updating our house. We haven't been here a year yet, which is my excuse for still having the smallest bedroom stacked high with boxes! We are having our back boiler removed and our very unsightly electric fire (circa 1980 ish) removed also. It's utilitarian to say the least and we haven't even got a hearth! We will work our way through the house steadily and I can't wait to have my workroom set out and organised. It doesn't tend to do the creative mind much good when you don't know where things are and you can't fully unpack because everything will be leaving the room for heating engineers to get to radiators and install a boiler! Ah and the artex on the ceiling removed. Hoorah!

Well I must now head out and make sure all the chickens have tucked themselves up in bed. Wellies and warm coat and hat, here I come.............

Hugs, Sarah x


Babs (Beetle) said...

Very sweet bear :O) Happy New year to you and all your babies!

Bumpkin Hill said...

Happy New Year Sarah :) Love Winter, looks like our frosty world over here. Hope the chickens are keeping warm. Hugs, Catherine x

Monica said...

Hi Sarah! You are quite right- cannot even think of working in a messy studio (home)! Take your time...
Stay warm and cosy- and the hens too!

Have a great w.e,

Boot Button Bears said...

Winter is a gorgeous little bear and so perfectly named. I wish I could send you some of our heat. Summer in Australia is just a bit too hot for me. Have a great year ahead.