Tuesday 13 January 2009

Uncovering the Past

Look what I found yesterday. We are getting close to making a start on our house soon. This was described as a 'cloakroom' in the house details, but when we had a viewing, it was much as we guessed it would be, toiletless! Our house was built in 1928 and has some wonderful windows remaining and an oak handrail up the stairs, plus some lovely skirting and all the original doors and doorknobs. Anyway, the 'cloakroom' would have been used for keeping things cool and would have had a big thick marble slab sat in there. I thought I would do some investigating as we are going to have a toilet put in there at the beginning of February. After some heaving up of the carpet AND vinyl, I found the original quarry tiles. I'm going to order something called Pro Clean to give them a lovely deep clean. I was planning on having a nice grey slate floor in there and follow it through to the kitchen and conservatory, but Robert thinks we'd be mad to cover it up. I agree, but it looks like I'll be deciding decor around the floor! Never mind!

Hugs, Sarah x


Babs (Beetle) said...

I wonder what else you may find. We lifted flooring up once and found some fantastic old newspapers and ads underneath.

Sarah said...

Babs, the kitchen has carpet flooring with vinyl underneath! I'm hoping it's the same as in the cloakroom and in good condition, but I think my luck will have run it's course, but fingers crossed!

Hugs, Sarah x

weechuff said...

Lucky you! What smashing tiles!! Well worth working the decor around them:0)

Sarah said...

Hi weechuff!
That's the nice thing about old houses, you never know what you are going to find!

Hugs, Sarah x

Bumpkin Hill said...

Hi Sarah, what a wonderful find. I love old houses, great to hear it also has the original doors and knobs, I love character in a home. Fingers crossed you find this in the kitchen too! Hugs, Catherine x

Raggy Rat said...

nice find, would you like to exchange blog links?