Wednesday 11 March 2009

I've Cracked It!

I have at last found out how to get sharp pictures of 'the girls'! I have to put my camera on 'Sports' mode. Turns out our chickens are athletes. They certainly look like athletes when they are digging big craters in the gravel.

Don't get me started on the vast amount of poop they produce. Thankfully our garden is large enough to take it. No picnics on the lawn for us though.

Above is Dotty. Not the brightest of chickens, but a real sweetie. Hasn't her comb come on well?

Here are L-R, Sybil, whose comb out trumps Dotty's comb hands down (see first photo), Lettuce, the phantom feather pincher. All the other girls have slighlty bare botty's on the left. Seems Lettuce is a left handed chicken. Then the beautifully feathered Gracie. I think they should bring out her colour in a paint range. Gracie Grey, has a certain ring to it, don't you think?

Now off to torture my fingers sewing my latest bears nose. Ahhhh, I suffer for my art ;)

Hugs, Sarah x


Pauline said...

He he he, I love your little girls. I wish I had them running around my garden. Mind you, I would never get any bears done, I would watch them for hours.


Babs (Beetle) said...

They are so cute :O) I'm still trying to figure out what settings to use on my camera to avoid the dreaded blurr!

Sarah said...

Pauline - Unfortunately my workroom looks down the garden, so I quite often get caught up watching them and have to snap myself out of it!

Babs - Sports mode works with the chickens (to a point!). There's also a Pet mode! (?).

Hugs, Sarah x

Bumpkin Hill said...

awww the girls are beauties. You know they say that chicken poop makes fantastic fertilizer for your garden and veg! What a healthy garden you will have :) Hugs, Catherine x