Monday 23 March 2009


Update: William has now been adopted. Thank you Lori!

Here is William, my latest bear! He is made from a powder soft faux fur in a kind of mink colour. I'm really pleased with how he's turned out. He will be my last bear for a little while as I shall be working on a re-design of my website. Plus, it's hard bear making with things in boxes and my workroom to be totally re-decorated soon! Floorboards to strip, artex skimmed over on the ceiling, etc, etc!

William will be available soon. I may be placing him on If I do, I will post the link to his auction. If you want any details, feel free to email me at
Bye for now. Hope you are having sunshine where you are too!

Hugs, Sarah x


FenBeary Folk said...

What a gorgeous bear, love his ruffle
Sue xx

Sarah said...

Thanks Sue! I'm so pleased with him. He's terrible to photograph though!

Hugs, Sarah x

Bumpkin Hill said...

William is a lovely boy, looks a wee bit shy bless him. He deserves a life time of hugs. Hello to your chickens! Catherine x

Monica said...

Hi Sarah! I have just added your link to my sidebar, so I can come to visit often!Hope it's OK.
LOVE your furry creatures...!!!! So beautiful.
Have a nice w.e,

Sarah said...

Thanks Monica! Of course it's ok. I'll add your link to my side bar.

Hugs, Sarah x