Saturday 11 April 2009

Happy Easter!

A little late in the day, but Happy Easter!

The highlight of my Easter so far has been buying grow bags and a lovely twisted hazel bush. I really have to reign myself in or I would almost buy everything. Oh and I bought some stock seeds. I adore their scent! Having seen one plant costing nearly £5, I thought I would buy a packet of seeds for £2.20! Oh and yesterday I bought some beetroot seeds and poppy seeds. Our new greenhouse is up and ready, but only has radish seeds planted in there so far!

We have decided that although I love seeing the chickens outside the conservatory or eyeing us up as we wash up the dishes etc, that I would like plants and not stumps of plants, which is what we would be getting if they continue having the whole garden to themselves. I had five lovely big clumps of bluebelles, them turned round to see Dotty chatting to me with a long bluebelle leaf hanging out of her beak. They had all devoured the lot!

They will have about a third of the garden, which, with our garden being 200 feet by 35 feet, isn't too bad a space for them. Thought I still feel wicked about fencing them in. I hope to plant up plants that I know they will leave alone, so it doesn't look a barren space. They will also have two apple trees in there, when we can decide which variety to buy! I'd also like some logs to pile up so they can clamber about on them. Anyway, I hope when the fencing is done, they will be happy. I shall so miss them 'helping' me do the gardening.

Anyway, before I chicken chat any longer, enjoy the rest of the Easter break everyone!

Hugs, Sarah x

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Babs-beetle said...

I'm sure they will be very happy in their part of the garden. It's you who will be sad ;O) You could always let them roam for a little while when you're out there.

Happy Easter to you too!