Tuesday 13 September 2011

Lovely time had at Hugglets 'Teddies 2011'

We had a lovely day at Teddies 2011 on Sunday.

We arrived with plenty of time to set up the table and after a lot of fretting about how it looked, I decided it was just fine and set off the bears well. The bears and rabbits got some lovely comments and had some photos taken of them, including a photographer taking photos for the Hugglets Festival web page! There wasn't time for me to hide under the table, so I had to grin and 'bear' it!

As it was our first time doing a Hugglets show there's always the feeling of going into the unknown territory, but my fears went unfounded as everything was wonderfully organized and I thoroughly enjoyed the yummy complimentory ginger biscuits and a voucher for a tea or coffee!

Click to make bigger!

Carwyn found a loved home with a mother and daughter from Wales and it was lovely to chat in person to other artists I've conversed with online.

I had a rummage through the mohair remnant on sale and picked up some steel shot (using all my upper body strength). It's heavy stuff and saves on postage buying some from bear fairs ;)

We brought bears and rabbits home, but it's nice to have some 'new faces' on the website. It's now all updated, with as usual the Paypal buttons for ease of purchase.

I sure they would love for you to pop along and say 'Hi' to them here!

Hugs, Sarah x

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