Saturday, 1 October 2011

In print!

It's been a long while since I have appeared in the Teddy Bear Times magazine. So you can imagine my delight when Faye of Teddy Bear Times asked me if I would like to write a piece in hand colouring eyes! She had seen a piece I had written for an online magazine.

I was eagerly awaiting the magazine coming out and a little nervous at the same time! I flicked quickly through the pages in our local stationers and there it was. I rather liked the way it happened to co-ordinate with the front cover! It was almost like I had developed a sixth sense when I sent in that photo of one of the eyes I had completed!

I must admit, it is strange to see your bears looking back at you from a magazine, when you are used to seeing them looking back at you through a computer screen or sat there in front of you in person!

Anyway, a big 'thank you' to Faye!

Peter Plum featured in the bottom left of the photos and Ashley, featured bottom far right, are still available from my website HERE .

I hope my blog post finds you all well and happy.

Hugs, Sarah x


Katy Cameron said...


Sarah said...

Thanks Katy!

Sarah x

Charlotte said...

Dear Sarah,

I am really sorry I haven't been over for so long. I am having a bit of a catch up this evening, it is lovely.

Well done on your article. Gosh, I have never heard of hand colouring - the mysteries of bear making.

I'm so glad you enjoyed Hugglets too.

I still covet your rabbits. I hope that one day I may have a bit of spare money to buy one to sit in my room.

Love Charlotte

Sarah said...

Hello Charlotte!

Lovely to see you here. I'm behind on blog reading too, don't worry!

I'll never stop making the bunnies, so maybe one day hey? :)

Hugs, Sarah x