Friday 16 March 2012

New to needle felting!

There's nothing as exhilarating as trying something new!

This little man has been sat in a bag, alone, unjointed and dejected. His muzzle didn't turn out as planned and in a fit of pique I gave up on him. After seeing wonderfully skilled Teddy Bear Artists who create needle felted muzzles, I thought I would resurrect him and give needle felting a go.

I must say I am rather enjoying stabbing away - much to my Robert's amusement! Those needles are lethal though and I've already gained superficial 'stabs', although nothing deep, I can well imagine how a proper jab would feel!

Like a fool, I ordered two colours with specific bears in mind, forgetting they would need noses (needle felted), so that was corrected yesterday by ordering some browns and greys and trying to not get carried away with the plethora of colours on offer.

I've yet to decide if 'Winter' on my website will have a makeover. After all, once started there is no going back!

I will post my progress here with my needle felting foray.

Well, 'that all folks'! For now anyway.

Hugs, Sarah x


Charlotte said...

It's something I would love to learn (in my spare time, ha!!) - I love the tiny little needle felted creatures some people sell on Etsy etc.

Do be careful with that there needle Sarah, I bet it would be a bugger in the finger - it's sort of deliberately barbed isn't it? Ouch!!


Sarah said...

No serious jabs Charlotte!

Yes,they are barbed, finely though, but still I would imagine not a pleasant experience!

You will have to give it go, it's quite theraputic jabbing away!

Hugs, Sarah x