Monday 17 September 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, its my birthday today! Just four hours left of it sadly. Here is my birthday cake! I thought rather than get a birthday cake I should be expected to pick, I'd pick one I actually 'really' liked. Very scrummy too!

Alfie our white siamese enjoyed the candle blowing out ritual too, as the candles are ones that relight. I did find them slightly unnerving as they did spark a bit!

Well the caterpillar cake is almost gone. Saving the face till last (I love soft fondant icing!).

Got Kathy Martins, 'Teddy Bear - A Collectable History of the Teddy Bear', as one of my presents, which I'll enjoy reading.

Right, now off to order some birthday food!


Bry said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!
The Bry who used to make Bears!

Sarah said...

Thanks Bry! 'tis a small world. Miss seeing new bearies from you.
Hugs, Sarah

Bumpkin Hill said...

hi Sarah, I hope you had a lovely birthday. I'll add your blog to mine, I'd love to swop :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Catherine! Your Blog is now on mine. I'll pop you on my website too! ;)
Hugs, Sarah