Wednesday 12 December 2007

Christmas is 'Up'

We put the decorations up last Sunday (or should I say 'I'!). I found it slightly a chore, having three rooms on the go, but of course once it was done I loved it! There's something about anything that twinkles, be it stars, fairylights or whatever, thats gets me mesmerized.

The lounge in the vicarage isn't exactly cozy at 26 feet x 16 feet, so the tree and the garland on the mantlepiece has really warmed it up.
You'll notice that the tree has fewer ornaments on the bottom and anyone with cats will know why! Baubles make great balls to chase round the room.
Anyway, I shall now retire and tend to the scarf I am knitting, which Robert says will soon be able to wrap itself around the house.
Keep warm everyone. Its icy here!


weechuff said...

Oooh! I love all the christmas decorations and lights, don't you? I like to turn off all the main lights, and just leave all the twinklies on, then play Christmas Carols:))

Sarah said...

I sooooooo miss Christmas when it's gone. Everything is so bare and life feels a bit 'flat'. I love all the twinklies too!

Hugs, Sarah x