Tuesday 4 December 2007

My Poor Eyezies

I really am greatful for the space in the vicarage, but the study, although being large and having two windows (as do most of the rooms - how grand!), is rather lacking in natural light. It gets dark so very quickly in this room, that I feel like a mole in a hole.

I really must invest in a proper daylight lamp. At the moment I have a lamp base with a daylight bulb in (the blue ones) with no shade. I'm practically being blinded by it. My eyes seriously need testing as it is. Contacts lenses and new lenses, I see pound signs. With the lounge being so big and the television seeming like it's sat in the next county, my eyes really are feeling the strain.

Talking of eyes...........you know what it's like when you need to 'powder your nose' in the night and you don't want to switch the landing light on ? I was on my way back the other night, with freshly powdered nose when I overshot the distance to our bedroom door and walked smack bang into the next closed bedroom door.

Reminds me of the days when you had to put money in the meter for the electric. We were in total darkness and I did the same thing then. Best bit was my late father saying "Did you have your glasses on?". Alas, glasses can't make you see in the dark. Must keep eating those carrots.

Anyway, back to being a mole in that hole.

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