Friday 7 December 2007

Mini Merry now on Ebay

Merry is now on It's so hard working out the time differences when listing on the American ebay, plus trying to make the listing end at a time that pleases people both in the UK and overseas. His listing will end in America at 7pm, which means that anyone in the UK will have to stay up late if they want to put a final bid in! I think I've got that right!

I've never had great success with ebay. I've seen some really lovely bears on there that don't do well. I'm not sure why. I've had 20 'watchers' in the past yet not one bid. Then again, I've had much fewer and got bids! Oh well, fingers crossed for me!

I've decided I might enter the Golden Teddy Awards. I say 'might' because entries have to be in by the 30th December and with me being a hand sewer, it takes me much longer to create a bear than other artists who use a machine. I shall dig through my mohair and scratch my head and ponder. It's not really the time of year to be stressed is it! I shall see.

Anyway, below is the link to Merry's auction. Pop by and say 'Hi' to him and wish hime luck.


Bumpkin Hill said...

Good luck with Merry on Ebay Sarah, Ebay has a mind of it's own! But Merry deserves to find a wonderful home, he is so cute, catherine x

Sarah said...

Thanks so much Catherine. Ebay definitely does have a mind of its own! All the best with your future ebay bears too!
Hugs, Sarah x